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Paint Correction Services for Vehicle Transformation

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What Is A Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the intensive process of permanently removing surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, and oxidation from the clear coat on a vehicle's paint. This is done using a variety of different polishing pads, compounds, polishes, and polisher machines.


Paint imperfections are most often caused by improper washing/drying techniques with materials that are too rough for the delicate clear coat. Automatic car washes have aggressive brushes that heavily contribute to a dull paint finish by scuffing the clear coat and creating tons of swirl marks.  The paint correction process is lengthy, but it helps restore a deep, glossy shine, giving the paint a better-than-new appearance.

A common way to protect the newly polished paint is with a ceramic coating which will add even more gloss and years of protection!

Paint enhancements are typically better for paint that is already in good condition with minimal imperfections, such as swirl marks and light scratches. The process for this is less aggressive, as it doesn't remove as many imperfections, where the main focus is to add gloss and shine with more durable paint protection - lasting up to a year. Paint enhancements are completed with an "all in one" compound, polish, and sealant which will still be able to help revive the paint and add tons of depth. 

Paint corrections are recommended for paint that has more imperfections in the clear coat that need to be polished out to remove the dull finish and to bring back more gloss and shine than when it was new. Paint corrections are done with a variety of different polishing pads and compounds and polishes - a slightly more aggressive approach in comparison to a paint enhancement. 

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Common paint defects, such as the ones pictured, become prominently noticeable when there is a strong light source shining on the paint. When in the sun, for instance, the sunlight reflects off of all the small scratches and imperfections in the clear coat, which creates more of a dull finish than if there were no scratches. 

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