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The ULTIMATE protection on all interior & exterior surfaces


The Ultimate Detail

This service is perfect for those looking to restore and protect a special vehicle. The Ultimate Detail service is designed to make everything inside and out look better than new, with protection that will last for years to come! The objective of this service is for us to pay keen attention to detail on every piece of the vehicle and to try our best to make it stand out. When all of the minuscule parts of the vehicle are detailed to perfection, the entire look of the vehicle is renewed!


Exterior Portion

The exterior portion receives a thorough hand wash, underbody rinse, mechanical and chemical decontamination of all exterior surfaces, multi-level paint correction (depending on the condition), glass coating on all windows/mirrors, 2-layer paint ceramic coating (IGL Kenzo Graphene reinforced coating), trim ceramic coating, wheel well ceramic coating, wheel face ceramic coating, metal polishing, and coating.

bmw x5m interior detail and full detail.jpeg

Interior Portion

The interior portion receives a deep cleaning of all seats, panels, consoles, and door jambs. Leather will be cleaned, sanitized, and coated with a leather-specific ceramic coating. Cloth seats will receive a deep cleaning using upholstery shampoo and steam to lift any dirt out of the material without oversaturating it. Plastic components will receive an interior-specific ceramic coating which will enrich the appearance of the components while providing UV protection and some hydrophobic properties. Carpet floor mats will receive a fabric coating to help prevent staining from any spills that may occur. All door jambs will be ceramic coated after being thoroughly cleaned and prepped. 

engine bay detail and ceramic coating

Engine bay Portion

The engine bay portion involves thorough degreasing of all engine components, followed up with steam cleaning to remove any grease, oil, and build-up of dirt. Any applicable metal will be polished and shined to bring it back to a new appearance. The underside of the hood will be cleaned and coated, along with other surfaces that we can apply a coating to such as plastic and certain metal components of the engine bay. 

Starting at $4,500

The Ultimate Detail

Top Of The Line Protection

Deep cleaning of all interior surfaces and protection with the interior ceramic coating on all applicable interior surfaces for the ultimate protection against fading, cracking, and showing age. A thorough wash, multi-step paint decon, and prep followed by a multi-step paint correction service removing “99%” of all paint imperfections (swirl marks, light scratches), including the door jambs. Our top-tier ceramic coating will protect the paint, offering 5 years of protection and insane gloss and shine with 2 LAYERS of ceramic coating. All exterior glass will be coated with our glass coating. All door jambs will be polished and ceramic coated. The engine bay will receive a thorough deep cleaning and ceramic coating on all applicable surfaces.

Ceramic Coating application on paint, door jambs, glass, wheels, calipers, wheel wells, trim, leather, interior plastics, and applicable engine bay components.

mobile detailing ceramic coating professional.jpeg

What Can a ceramic coating do for my vehicle?

  • Paint (most common): enhanced shine, easy maintenance, slick finish, hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties, UV protection, layer of protection against environmental elements/dirt

  • Glass: enhanced visibility in rain, easy cleaning, self-cleaning properties, UV protection

  • Leather: hydrates leather to prevent cracking, UV protection, easy maintenance, and cleanup

  • Plastic Trim: permanently enriches the color, makes cleaning fast and easy, UV protection

  • Wheels: makes removing brake dust a breeze, prevents build-up, and better results cleaning wheels 

  • Interior Coating: enriches the color of panels and consoles, while adding UV protection, and hydrophobic properties to make any spills easy to clean up

lexus auto detail.jpeg

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We have well over 100 five-star reviews showcasing the way that we operate! Our goal is to provide the best detailing experience possible, delivering the highest quality service throughout the entire process. From the initial customer inquiry to the final touches of the detailing service, we aim to over-deliver everything that we provide. If the customer feels that we provided more value than expected along with great service overall, we know that we have accomplished our goal. We don't just provide the best mobile detailing service; we also provide a pleasant experience! 

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