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The ULTIMATE protection on all interior & exterior surfaces


This service is perfect for those looking to restore and protect a special vehicle. The Ultimate Detail service is designed to make everything inside and out look better than new, with protection that will last for years to come! The objective of this service is for us to pay keen attention to detail on every piece of the vehicle and to try our best to make it stand out. When all of the minuscule parts of the vehicle are detailed to perfection, the entire look of the vehicle is renewed!

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  • Paint (most common): enhanced shine, easy maintenance, slick finish, hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties, UV protection, layer of protection against environmental elements/dirt

  • Glass: enhanced visibility in rain, easy cleaning, self-cleaning properties, UV protection

  • Leather: hydrates leather to prevent cracking, UV protection, easy maintenance, and cleanup

  • Plastic Trim: permanently enriches the color, makes cleaning fast and easy, UV protection

  • Wheels: makes removing brake dust a breeze, prevents build-up, and better results cleaning wheels 

  • Interior Coating: enriches the color of panels and consoles, while adding UV protection, and hydrophobic properties to make any spills easy to clean up

Let's Transform Your Vehicle

Learn more about Andrew's Automotive Detailing's professional auto detailing and ceramic coating services in Middlesex and Monmouth County NJ.

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